About Us

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Bubero consulting & services is founded to bridge the gap between German companies and those established in Chinese speaking countries (in Europe as well as America) and to offer a comprehensive consulting service enabling companies to undertake activities of internationalization in a safe and successful way.

Bubero Consulting is always here to assist businesses in Germany and China in every aspect. Bubero Consulting provides top notch business solutions that are incomparable with any other in the market. Bubero Consultant believes in quality and customer satisfaction & commits to provide cost-effective services to make our client’s business grow in an effective way.

Why Bubero..?

Bubero consulting & services shares between customers, suppliers and partners values, the following values:

  • Closeness and kindness in treatment
  • Competence and professionalism
  • Thoroughness and objectivity

So far the company has consolidated strategic alliances in Germany, China and America and is currently evaluating the possibility for collaboration with companies in other European and Asian countries.