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Partnering with Bubero can help you expand your business, engage customers, and earn more money.

Assistance at trade fairs

Meeting point trade fairs, these are always a good starting point for new contacts and a good opportunity for the development of new business relationships. Here it is important to discuss the objective arguments with the customer, to convince them and to use the contact with the new customer to form a good business relationship.

Meet with us and discuss the specifics of your business with us as a useful trade show preparation.

Our services in detail are:

  • Finding the right trade show for your business
  • Organization of accomodation, transfer and transport

Organization of interpreters and escorts locally

Business trips

As in all areas of business, preparation for a business trip to China is particularly important. Even better, having an experienced China expert and confidant at your side in China.

A good preparation for the trip is important in order not to face unforeseen problems – and if you meet them then it is good to have an experienced contact person in the background who can help you in every situation.

Our services for your business trip are:

  • Book accommodations and travel agents according to their budget and timetable
  • Pick-up service on site and accompaniment to the train station or airport, so that you will always arrive safely at your destination!


If you have technical translations done by a non-business person, this could give the process a different meaning, – not make clear the benefits of your ideas, and your message is lost.

We help you with written translations of

  • Contracts and legal texts as well as
  • Technical blueprints.

And with oral translation through interpretation services at:

–             Trade fair visits,

–             Meetings,

–             Conferences

–             Telephon calls.

Business partner search

A trusted business partner is as valuable as a good friend – and not so easy to find….

Often many meetings and discussions by the team of BUBERO- CONSULTING with the potential business partner are necessary to find out if there is a common basis with our customer can be established.

Through our large network and experience, we can implement the requirements you set for us according to your specifications.

Create with us a detailed profile of your potential future business partner and we start working for you.

Through our knowledge of the market, we can make a realistic assessment for you.