Burkhard Müller, CEO.

He is a master industrialist tradesman, production engineer and founder of the consulting firm BUBERO-CONSULTING. He can pass on his knowledge based on his experience in setting up a Chinese manufacturing facility near Shenzhen (China). Thanks to the good cooperation with Dr. Zhu there developed an interest in sharing knowledge with other business partners.





Dr. Jianguo Zhu, Independent consultant.

His studies began in China and continued in Europe in the field of mechanical engineering. In 2009, Mr. Zhu successfully completed his doctorate in engine technology.  Through study in various cultures and many years of professional experience in various companies, he has acquired very good intercultural knowledge for China and especially in Europe. Combined with technical know-how and an overview of the Chinese and European markets, he can offer the best consulting service for Chinese as well as German customers.


  Mr. Nashid is our representative from Indian-Subcontinent.

He is based in Silicon Valley of India (Bengaluru), which is the business hub of the subcontinent. Mr. Nashid has a wide experience in the business operations outside and within the Subcontinent. He handles our operations from India which include import-exports, Connecting Indian businessmen to European and Chinese industries, Arranging business and educational trips to Europe, Data and business analytics and various other fields. Due to diversity of the Indian Subcontinent, Mr. Nashid being an Indian origin will understand and assist you with perfection.



Grace Wen Mei Li, Office Manager.

She is responsible for all organizational work in the region around Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. She can arrange your pick-up at Shenzhen and Hong Kong Airport and organize your entire stay of hotel, trade show and supplier visits.